Xiamen Antkeys Import & Export Trading Company is a joint venture company by several shareholders of specialized machine manufacturers, such as Nan’an Delin Machinery, Xiamen Smtrobot, Quanzhou Ancon Automatic Machinery, Fujian Changjiang Industry etc.

Our purpose is to make a specialized business platform through our wide sales channels and good service, thus can promote Chinese electromechanical equipment to the world market, and match the high cost performance machines from China for the foreign customers.

Now, we focus our business mainly on metal foundry and processing field, we shall supply the total solution to customers by our close cooperation with different specialized manufacturers.

 ♦ Nan’an Delin Machinery:

Focus on metal foundry field, supply ferrous and nonferrous metal foundry machines and solutions.

♦ Xiamen Smtrobot:

Focus on casting cutting field, supply ferrous and nonferrous metal casting cutting & finishing CNC machines and solutions.

♦ Quanzhou Ancon Automatic:

Focus on automatic complex processing machine field, supply 2~20 spindles efficient specialized CNC machine tools, and complex CNC machine tools.

♦ Fujian Changjiang Industry:

Focus on metal surface finishing field, supply the metal surface grinding and polishing solutions for customers by robot system and CNC polishing machine.

♦ Jiingjiang Qianfeng Precise Machine:

Focus on standard parts shaping filed, supply the precise small & medium high-speed heading and threading machines for standard parts production.


In the future, we will expand more cooperative partners, and supply more resourceful electromechanical equipment for global customers.